La Familia Menu


Mangu, 2 Eggs, 2 Queso Frito & 2 Salami


Breakfast Sandwich…$6.99
Ham/Bacon, Egg, Cheese on Cuban


Omelet/Scrambled Eggs with Toast…$7.50
1 Meat, Cheese and Veggies

Hot Off the Press

On Fresh Cuban Bread.


Ham & Cheese

Steak & Onion

Pernil (Roast Pork)

Pulled Chicken

$8.99 Served Hot Daily

Served with 2 regular sides.

Pollo al Horno / Baked Chicken

Pollo Guisado / Stewed Chicken

Pernil / Roast Pork

Bacalao Guisado / Stewed Cod Fish

Ensalada de Bacalao / Cod Fish Salad

Costilla al Horno / BBQ Ribs…$9.99

Carne de Res Guisada / Spanish Beef Stew…$9.99

Bistec Encebollado / Steak & Onions…$9.99

Sancocho/ Beef and Pork Stew …$9.99


Red Beans / Black Beans

Arroz Blanco o Amarillo / White Rice or Yellow Rice

Arroz con Gandules / Rice & Peas

Moro de Habichuela / Rice with Black or Red Beans

Yuca al Mojo / Cassava al Mojo

Guineo Verdes / Boiled Green Bananas

Platanos Maduros / Sweet Plantains

Tostones / Fried Green Plantains

A la Carte


Churrasco…Market Price

Shrimp…Market Price

Red Snapper…Market Price

Any Daily Hot Entree…$11.99 and Up

Seafood Specialties


Whole Red Snapper…Market Price

King Fish Filet…Market Price

Tilapia Filet…Market Price

Daily Specials

Served with 2 regular sides.



Sancocho/Beef & Pork Soup…$8.99


Rabo de Res Guisado/Oxtails in Sauce…$14.99

Chicken Soup…$7.99


Chicken Soup…$7.99


Rabo de Res Guisado/Oxtails in Sauce…$14.99

Chicken Soup…$7.99


Chivo/Goat Meat…$9.99

Chicken Soup…$7.99


Mondongo/Beef Tripe Soup…$8.99

Chicken Soup…$7.99

See What Our Customers Are Saying

If I could give 6 stars I would! The Cuban sandwiches are amazing! The food is delicious, and The staff are very nice and the owners seem to really care about their clients. Awesome place!
Enzolini The Don
Not only was the food delicious and fresh, but the customer service there is beyond anything I've ever experienced. A lovely family owned business who treats you like family.
Megan Dalette
The service and food are awesome. It feels and tastes like eating a nice, comforting home cooked meal
Mina Cruz
I LOVE this place. Not only is the food fantastic but they have great products and such friendly, thoughtful employees. Maria is my fave!! If she is there, make sure she fixes your plate. She is so sweet, she chopped up the chicharron without being asked and she asked if we wanted juice or any particular pieces. The people at front when we paid were also very friendly. Great experience all the way around. I've only been to this place...